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The following pieces consist of MIDI and/or MP3 files for the piano. Your experience of the MIDI music will depend mostly upon the quality of sound card you have. I recommend a wave-table card with over 16 polyphonic voices. It was hard to get the midi to sound correct (I entered it by hand) but my live (MP3) recordings have mistakes - so you have a choice of accurate and uninspired, or inaccurate but at least not flat.

Any and all of the following may be reproduced and used for any purpose whatsoever, without cost, subject to the following condition: The copyright notice must accompany the song along with the words "Used with permission";.

All uses that do not conform to the foregoing requirements require prior written authorization by the copyright holder.

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Prelude #1 in C. 0:49
Copyright © 1985 by Alan Conroy

Prelude #2 in Am. 2:50
Copyright © 1986 by Alan Conroy

Prelude #3 in F. 3:19
Copyright © 1988 by Alan Conroy

March in C. 2:36
Copyright © 1988 by Alan Conroy

Sonata in C
Copyright © 1986 by Alan Conroy
Despite the copyright date, this is the first piece of music I composed - when I was about 13.
i Fast and steady. 2:54 MP3
The intention was for the left hand to do a piano equivalent of a bagpipe drone.
ii Moderato. 2:06 MP3 (movements ii and iii)
iii Adagio. 2:54

Images Suite:
Copyright © 1986 by Alan Conroy
1. The Hope. 3:05 MP3
2. The Dream. 4:07 MP3
3. The Fulfillment. 3:37 MP3
I experimented with polymetry in this piece. It was interesting, but I doubt I'll do it again.