These songs consist of MIDI and MP3 files for the piano accompaniment. As such, they will tend to sound overly repetitive. Your experience of the MIDI music will depend mostly upon the quality of sound card you have. I recommend a wave-table card with over 16 polyphonic voices. Where I thought it made a difference, I superimposed the melody line onto the accompaniment to make it sound more like how it would be with the vocal portion.

Any and all of the following may be reproduced and used for any purpose whatsoever, without cost, subject to the following conditions: 1) The copyright notice must accompany the song along with the words "Used with permission"; 2) the words of the song cannot be modified in any way, including translation to other languages; 3) the words of the song may be omitted in their entirety (for instrumental performance).

All uses that do not conform to the foregoing requirements require prior written authorization by the copyright holder.

For instrumental music, click here.

You're Always There. 1:56
MP3 1:48
Copyright ©1982 by Alan Conroy
A praise song about the constancy of God despite my circumstances and myself. This is the first song I ever wrote, but not the first piece of music. Musically, the inspiration for this piece came from Keith Green, who is my all-time favorite songwriter. WORDS

Rescue Me. 2:10
MP3 2:36
Copyright ©1983 by Alan Conroy
A song about my desperate need for God, especially my need to be rescued from myself. This is the only hymn I've written. WORDS

The Mission Field. 3:41
MP3 2:36
Copyright © 1983 by Alan Conroy
This song was inspired by Keith Green's "The Sheep and the Goats", both musically and in the content of the words. The words are spoken, not sung. WORDS

For You. 4:21
MP3 3:49
MP3 (old variant) 4:40
Copyright © 1985 by Alan Conroy
This song describes my devotion to God. I don't write this kind of song any longer because I know how frail my devotion can be. I no longer make great claims about how dedicated I am to God. Songs like this also place too much emphasis on humans and not enough on God. Nonetheless, I like the music and the lyrics describe how devoted I wish I was, and ought to be. WORDS

When I'm In Love With You. 2:27
MP3 3:16
Copyright © 1987 by Alan Conroy
This song is about how much better my life is when my relationship with God is alive and fresh. The sadest thing about this song is the word "When". WORDS

Bethlehem. 3:05
Copyright © 1992 by Alan Conroy
This is my first, and only, Christmas song. I composed it while making a solo 8-hour drive from Bend, Oregon to Seattle. WORDS

The following are only available as MP3:

What A Blessing You Are 2:26
Copyright © 1986 by Alan Conroy
A song to Annette, who is now my wife.

With This Ring 2:40
Copyright © 1987 by Alan Conroy
Written for our wedding ceremony.

Praise Your Name 2:53
A simple little praise song.

Terri's Song 2:57
Copyright © 1983 by Alan Conroy

Gwen 3:25
Copyright © 1985 by Alan Conroy

Away In A Manger 2:50

Brightest And Best Of The Sons Of The Morning 2:44

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