The Analyst is an irregular e-publication. You can find past articles below.

I make my living as an analyst. But I also use my skills in every-day living - from figuring out how to build a fence, or tie a "full windsor knot", or in analyzing the current issues of the day. Here you will find articles I've written on various topics, wherein I've tried to analyze those topics dispassionately. I have nothing against emotion. In fact, I'd find a world of emotionless, logical beings to be a cold and cruel place indeed. But however much emotion may have a valid place in determining how to respond to an analysis, it has no place in the actual analysis of an issue. Rather, I have observed that it clouds the issue and results in nonsequitor conclusions. That is not to say that I don't occasionally present an article that is simply observational or intended purely to be humorous - but they should be obvious to the reader.

In some articles, but not all, I come at an issue from a Biblical perspective. That is not to say that my analysis would be welcomed at many, or even most, churches. In fact, I suspect that my analysis, though I try to be Biblically-based, may cause some consternation among religious types.

I welcome feedback, even contradiction, so long as it is polite (that is, respectful), and well-thought out. That means that your contradiction had better be based on something other than an emotional response. There is no contentious issue in the world that you can adequately address in a few sentances.  Making vague references to respected individuals such as Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus, Gandhi, doesn't change this fact. In short, your counter analysis should be carefully considered if you expect it to carry any weight with me. On the other hand, my opinions are not necessarily carved in stone. Nor am I infallable. I can be convinced to change my mind when more persuasive logic is presented counter to my analysis. But, be sure you have read the entire article before responding. I have no respect for an emotional outbursts based on statements taken out of context.

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