I'm always open to considering new opportunities, although I don't like switching jobs often. I like to work with highly intelligent and creative people where we can bounce ideas off of each other and come up with innovative solutions. Life is short - I like to spend my work hours on something that is fun. What do I consider fun? A job that is inherently interesting will make use of my creativity and problem-solving skills while allowing me to expand those skills in new directions. The best situation is where my employer and I have a mutually beneficial relationship.

As a software engineer, I enjoy designing new architectures or redesigning existing ones that don't live up to the needs of the company. I enjoy implementing these architectures in code. Programming language is largely unimportant, since any decent developer can easily learn a new one.

I have no interest in management positions. I don't mind being a technical lead (and do very well at it), but my interest is in managing the creation, and ongoing development, of complex software systems - not people. It isn't that I lack ambition - I simply exercise my ambition in the area of software development. Finally, I am not a graphics artist, so although I can write a flexible user interface, if you want something that looks pretty, I'm not the developer for you. However, if you have someone who can make beautiful graphics then I can integrate them into a user interface.

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