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Conroy Family History

The origin of the Conroys is somewhat shrouded in the mists of history. The Conroy Home page does not have an official position on the origins of the Conroy surname, but we have collected various bits of information here for you to examine and come to your own conclusions. If you have relevant information to contribute, please consider submitting it to us for inclusion here.

Note that information on individual Conroy lineages can be found in other sites that are linked to on the Genealogy page

Coat of Arms Information on the Coat of Arms and images.
Conroy Chronicles Unfortunately, this page is no longer available.
The Dalcassian Connection Information on the relation of the Conroy clan to the Dalcassian Sept.
The �Conroy� Family of Lorrha, Tipperary Information on the Conroys originating from Lorrha, Tipperary.