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FHC Transcriptions

Copied from the FHC transcriptions of birth marriage records, Diocese of Tuam, W. Galway.  The focus was Clifden, but some of the below may be from Knock, Louisburgh, Castlebar, etc., as some were not clearly designated.   These are not in chronological order, and neither were the microfilms. This is a reading of a very limited area of W. Galway (Omey parish and some surrounding areas), and there could be errors and omissions.


Baptisms & Marriages & Misc.

Conroy, William 1/25/1883, son of William Conroy & Mary Costello -- Ballykull.

Conroy, Elizabeth Ann 11/24/1884 dau of Michael B. Conroy & Mary Butler.

Conroy, James William 4/15/1886 son of Martin Conroy & Mary Armstrong --Ballykull.

Conroy, John 7/25/1852 son of John & Elizabeth Conroy.

Conroy, Teresa 4/23/1905 dau of Michael Conroy & Bridget Brofan; sponsors Joseph Tierny & Catherine Connelly -- Clifden

King, John Richard 1/1/1905 son of James King & Sarah Conroy; sponsors John Burke & D. McCullough -- Clifden.

Conroy, Bridget 2/1837 dau of Peter Conroy & Honor Connelly; sponsors ______ & Ann Corbett -- Clifden.

Conroy, Ann 1837 dau of Bart Conroy & Honor Conroy; sponsors Peter & Mary Conroy -- Clifden.

Conroy, Martin 1837 son of William Conroy & Catherine Darcy; sponsors ______ and Mary Anne Conroy.

Conroy, Mary 1839 dau of Barth Conroy & ________

Conroy, Bridget 1839 dau of Patrick Conroy & Ann Mat____

Conroy, James 1839 son of Peter Conroy & Margaret Little; sponsors Michael Conroy & Annie King.

Conroy --- 1839 churched the wife of John Conroy.

Conroy, John 1839 son of Patrick Conroy & Judith Price; sponsor Patrick Corbett of Dereen.

Flaherty, Lawrence 1839 son of Michael Flaherty & Catherine Conroy; sponsors Patrick Price.

Conroy, Bart 1840 son of Michael Conroy & Annie Connelly; sponsors Martin Conroy & Mary Duane.

Conroy, Bridget 1841 dau of Michael Conroy & B. Toole.

______ 1841; Hugh Conroy sponsor of unknown baptism.

Conroy, Thomas 1843, son of Michael Conroy & Anne Connelly.

1845 marriage of Harry Rodgers to Mary Conroy of Claddaghduff.

Maley, John 6/16/1849 son pf Patrick Maley & Mary Farris; sponsors Patrick Conroy and Susan Conroy.

Conroy, Edmond 9/8/1850 son of A. Conroy & B. King; sponsors William & B. Conroy.

1851 marriage of James Conroy to Margaret King.

Conroy, Patrick 10/15/1851 son of Festy Conroy & Catherine Baynan?; sponsors William Conroy and Peggy Bayman?

King, Thomas 1851 son of Martin King & _____; sponsors ____ & Mary Conroy.

______ 7/1851; sponsor Patrick Conroy.

1852 Sept 12 marriage of James Conroy _____Kelly -- Mullare?

Conroy, Ann 3/1852 dau of William Conroy & Mary Madden.

Conroy, Mary 8/26/1852 dau of Patrick Conroy & Biddy Clancy

_______ 1852; sponsor Mary Conroy

Conroy, Thomas 12/1852 son of Michael Conroy & Honor Brauer?

12/15/1852 marriage of Thomas Kelly to Mary Conroy.

1853 _____? witnesses George Conroy & Biddy Conroy -- Clifden.

Conroy, Patrick 3/1853 son of Bartly Conroy & Peggy McDough.

1853 marriage of Peter Conroy to Honor King; witnesses Thomas Conroy & Honor Conroy.

1853 marriage of John Collins to Bridget Conroy.

1853 marriage of Festus Conroy to Catherine Brywan?

1853 marriage of James Conroy to Ann Carroll.

12/1853 marriage of Bartly Conroy to Bridget Duane.

Mannion, Mary 1853, dau of John Mannion & _____; sponsors Patrick Conroy & Mary Conroy.

McDonogh, John 1853 son of James McDonogh & Mary Conroy; sponsor Patrick Conroy & _____.

Conroy, Teresa 1853 dau of Patrick L. Conroy & Bridget Bookes; sponsors Thomas & Bridget Conroy.

1854 ________; sponsor John Conroy.

1/30/1854 marriage of Michael M. Conroy to Bridget Green; witnesses Morse Martin and Barbara Green.

9/10/1854 marriage of Lawrence Conroy to Mary Folan

Conroy, Honor 3/3/1854 dau of Michael Conroy & Celia O'Donnel.

Conroy, Bridget 1854 dau of Matt Conroy & Ann McDonnell

King, Martin 1854 son of Michael King & _____; sponsors James Conroy & _____ King.

McDonogh, Mary 1854 dau of James McDonogh & Mary Conroy.

1/7/1855 marriage of Thomas King to Honor Conroy; witnesses Thomas Connelly & Mary Conroy.

1/8/1855 marriage of Michael Conroy to Catherine King.

2/17/1855 marriage of Martin Conroy to Bridget Curran; wit Bartly Connelly & Barbara Currane.

Lacy, Bridget 1855 dau of John Lacy & Bridget Corbett; spon Peter Conroy & Mary Corbett

9/10/1865 marriage of John O'Brien to Mary Conroy; wit Peter & Mary Ard -- Carna.

1/26/1856 marriage of Matthew Conroy to Bridget Barret; wit Patrick Conroy & _____ -- Carna

Conroy, John 1856 son of Walter Conroy & Mary ________

1856 marriage of Denny Conroy & Catherine Oniel? -- Clifden

Conroy -- 1856 -- churched the wife of William Conroy -- Clifden

Conroy, Jane 7/6/1856 dau of Festy Conroy & Catherine Bryan -- Clifden

6/1856 marriage of Stephen Conroy & Susan Early (or Easly) -- Clifden

1856 marriage of William Conroy to Bab Kelly of Claddaghduff; witnesses Brian & Mary King -- Clifden.

1856 marriage of ______ to Catherine Conroy of Gentully?; wit ______ King & Sally Coln -- Clifden.

1856 marriage of _____Drill? to Mary Conroy -- Clifden

Conroy, Thomas 12/1856 son of John Conroy & Anne Keran -- Clifden

Conroy, ____ 1856 of Henry Conroy & Catherine _____el?

Leuelle, Stephen 12/1856 son of Mark Leuelle & Mary Holline; sponsors Patrick Conroy & Mary King -- Clifden.

Bait(?)  (banns?) 1856 Peter Conroy & Honor ______?

1856 Seamus Conroy & Bab Mannion

1/12/1859 marriage of Patrick Conroy to Barbara Folan; wit Remand Flahery & Margaret Toole.

Roach, ____1859 of John Roach & Mary Conroy; spon Patrick Roach & Bridget Conroy.

King, Patrick 1859 son of Michael King & Bridget Conroy; spon Joseph King & Mary Conroy.

Connroy, Mary 1859 dau of Martin Conroy & Mary Kelly (or Riley).

Deshill, Patrick 1859 son of Call Deshill & Bridget Toole; spon Festus King & Mary Conroy.

Brogan? Bridget 1859 dau of Thomas Brogan & Mary Conroy; spon Stephen Conroy & Bridget Concily.

Conroy, Patrick 1859 son of Michael Conroy & Honor Concily.

Conroy, Peter 4/17/1859 son of Peter Conroy & Honor Concily; sponsers Festy Concily & Bridget Dinan.

Conroy, Honor 5/1/1859 dau of Peter Conroy & Honor Conroy; sponsers Thomas Conroy & Bridget King.

Conroy, Ann 6/1/1859 dau of Michael Conroy & Mary Durea; spon Thomas Concily & Mary Concily.

_____ 1859; sponsors Martin Concily & Honor Conroy.

Conroy, John 8/16/1859 son of Stelph Conroy & Ann Caly

O'Donnell, Mary 9/1/1859 dau of Patrick O'Donnell & Bridget Conroy

Conroy, Martin 11/19/1859 son of Martin Conroy & Mary Kelly; spon Patrick Conroy and Honor Rions?

Concily, Honor 1859 dau of ____Consily & Mary Conroy; spon John Mitchell & Mary Conroy.

Concily, Festy 1859 son of Patrick Concily & Ann Conroy; spon Patrick Mannion & Mary King

Mannion, Bridget 2/7/1860 dau of Thomas Mannion & Mary Conroy; spon Festy Concily & Honor Mannion.

Concily, Patrick 2/19/1860 son of James Concily & Mary Conroy

Riley, Honor 4/5/1860 dau of Matthew Riley 7 Mary Conroy; spon Bal? Riley & Margaret Conroy.

Conroy, John 1860 son of Matthew Conroy & Mary ______

8/7/1860 marriage of Mark Canavan to Anne Conroy; wit John & Barbara Conroy.

9/9/1860 marriage of Patrick Cloherty to Winifred Ridge; wit Mark Conroy & Mary Ridge.

______ ?1860:  witness James Conroy

1/10/1861 marriage of Patrick Conroy to Bridget Conroy; wit Thomas Connelly

Conroy, Barbara 10/25/1861 dau of Mark Conroy & Bridget Barrett -- Carna.

11/18/1861 marriage of Patrick Conroy to Mary Dohan -- Carraroe.

Greagler, Bridget 4/20/1862 dau to Michael Greagler & mary McDough; sponsors ______ & Bridget Conroy.

9/21/1864 marriage of Patrick Faherty to Judy Molloy; wit M___ Kearny & Ellen Conroy.

1865 marriage of John Gernnon(?) to Mary Conroy.

1866 marriage of Patrick Madden to Ellen Conroy.

1866 marriage of John Ridget to Barbara Iavan(?); wit Barley Conroy.

6/7/1866 marriage of John Folan to Mary Keane; wit Bartly Conroy & Ann Faherty.

1/17/1867 marriage of Patrick Ridge to Mary Conroy; wit Mark Ridge & Margaret Conroy.

3/2/1867 marriage of Coleman Cormac to Margaret Conroy; wit Michael Geary & Mary Conroy.

Coursey, Mary 1857 dau of Andrew Coursey & Mary Cluffle(?); spon Peter Conroy & Mary Conroy.

Conroy, John 1857 son of Stephen Conroy & Catherine Bechill; spon James & Mary Bourke.

Conroy, Michael 1857 son of James Conroy & Margaret King; spon Michael Holloran & Margaret Moran.

Conroy, Kate 1857 dau of Festy Conroy & Mary King; spon Martin Cloonan & Bridget Malone.

Lacy......?....1857; spon Penelope Conroy.

Heniss, Mary 1857, dau of Patrick Heniss & Mary Tierney; spon Peter Conroy & Honora Coursey.

Conroy, George 1857 son of George Conroy & Honora Hisme(?); spon W. Conroy & Mary Lacy.

Roach, Mary 1857 dau of William roach & Biddy Murry; spon John Conroy & Mary Cinaire(?)

Conroy, Mary 1857 dau of Patrick Conroy & Mary Jordan; spon George Heniss & Mary Conroy.

Conroy, Thomas 1/1/1857 son of Peter Conroy & Honor Conselly (Concily?)

Conroy, Thomas 1857 son of William Conroy & Bab Kelly (illlegitimate)

Conroy, Thomas 1857 son of Michael Conroy & Mare Heine?; spon Thomas ____ & Bridget King.

1858 -- churched William Conroy

Conroy, Agnes Jane 1858 dau of Festy Conroy & ____; spon Patrick Conroy & Peggy Gavin.

King, Mary 1858 dau of Fest King  & Mary Conroy

_______ 1858; spon William Conroy & Mary Carr

McLaughen, Patrick 1858 son of Patrick McLaughen & Bridget Conroy; spon Peter Conroy & Mary Conroy.

Conroy, William 1858 son of William Conroy & Honora _______

Conroy, Bartly 1858 son of Bartly Conroy & Peggy McDough; spon James Conroy & Mary Ann ____

Conroy, Bridget 1858 dau of Patrick Conroy & Bridget McDonough(?)

Conroy, John, 1858 son of Thomas Conroy & Honor Courcey; spon Thomas Conroy & Mary Connelly.

Flaharty,  Patrick son of Patrick Flaharty & Ann Wallace; spon Patrick Conroy & Mary Conroy

Conroy, John 5/9/1858 son of Thomas Conroy & Mary Connelly ;spon Thomas Conroy & Mary Conroy

_____ 6/3/1858; spon Michael Conroy & Biddy Kelly

Conroy, J___ey? 1858 of Martin Conroy & Bridget Gernas -- Maruppula??

Collins, Mary 7/3/1858 dau of John Collins & Bridget Conroy; spon Michael Conroy & Mary Conroy.

______7/16/1858; spon Thomas Tuttle & Bridget Conroy.

Conroy, William Joseph 7/27/1858 son of Martin Conroy & Bridget King; spon William Conroy & _____

Go_?_, Mary 8/19/1858 dau of John Go____ & Ann Conroy.

_____ 1858:  spon Michael Conroy & Ann Conroy

Bourke, Thomas 1858 son of Patrick Bourke & Ann Conroy

2/19/1840 marriage of Thomas Toole to Mary Conroy of Claddaghduff.

4/2/1842 marriage of Thomas Conroy to Bridget Laffey -- Clifden.

2/14/1842 marriage of Patrick Malley to Bridget Grady; wit Patrick Conroy & Mary Conroy -- Lehan

6/18/1871 marriage of Anthony Conroy to ____ Ridge; wit Mark Conroy & ____

7/18/1872 marriage of Patrick Kearny to Bridget Geary; wit Bartley Conroy & Mary Mulkine.

7/6/1873 marriage of Thomas Conroy to Mary Grealish

11/26/1873 marriage of Peter McDonaugh to Honora Conroy; wit Patrick King.

Nee, Luke 1872 son of Patrick Nee & Biddy Conroy; spon Thomas Conroy & Barbara Joyce.

O'Brien, Barty 8/30/1873 son of John O'Brien & Mary Conroy; spon Daniel O'Brien & Peggy Conroy.

Conroy, Anthony 6/8/1873 son of Anthony Conroy & Kate Naughton -- Turloughby?

Conroy, Bridget 3/21/1875 dau of Anthony Conroy & Honor Ridge; spon Matthew & Sarah Conroy -- Culleen

Curran, John 7/1/1875 son of Martin Curran & Bridget Kelly?; spon Martin & Mary Conroy -- Mason Island

Conroy, Patrick 11/16/1875 son of Mark Conroy & Bridget Barret; spon Honor Conroy -- Culleen

Nee, Bridget 11/24/1875 dau of Patrick Nee & Bridget Conroy; spon Patrick & Mary Conroy -- Marlioe?

Conroy, Margaret 1876 dau of Coleman Conroy & Margaret Joyce; spon Pat Griffin & Bridget Conroy -- Guismick Chapel?

Ridge, Honora 10/29/1876 dau of Patrick Ridge & Mary Conroy (Feemish?); spon Anthony Addelly & Mary Conroy -- Carna

Conroy, Martin 1876 son of Martin Conroy & ____ -- Mason Island

Riofe?, Honor 1876 dau of Patrick Riofe & Mary Conroy; spon Mark Riofe & Honor Conroy -- Feemish?

McDonough, Mary 6/17/1876 dau of Patrick McDonough & Honor Conroy -- Ard

Conroy, Michael 1/8/1877 son of Martin Conroy & Bridget Curran -- Mason Island

Conroy, Bab 1/24/1877 dau of Anthony Conroy & Honor Riofe; spon John Connelly & Bab Conroy -- Culleen

Mannion, Joseph 6/24/1877 son of Patrick Mannion & Margaret King; spon Jarby? Connelly & Honor Conroy.

Curan, Keiran 9/18/1877 son of Martin Curan & Bridge Kilmartin; spon Martin & Mary Conroy -- Mason Island

Conroy, Coleman 5/12/1878 son of Coleman Conroy & Margaret Joyce; spon Martin & Mary Conroy -- Feemish/Ferwish?

Conroy, Mary 11/27/1877 dau of Thomas Conroy & Mary Berry -- Teaghmore?

Conroy, Michael 1878 son of Thomas Conroy & Bab Connelly; spon Patrick Pendegrast -- Gowlah

Folan, Peter 8/31/1878 son of Patrick Folan & Bab Conroy -- Cullane

Ridge, Mark 1880 son of Patrick Ridge & Mary Conroy; spon Coleman Ridge & Mary Conroy -- Mason Island

Casey, Bridget 1880 dau of John Casey & Mary Clogan; spon Michael Folan & Bridget Conroy

Conroy, Bridget, 5/2/1880 dau of Patrick Conroy & Mary McDonath.

Conroy, John 7/2/1881 son of Anthony Conroy & Honor Ridge -- Fernah? Island Ridge, John 1881 son of Matthew Ridge & Mary Conroy.