Adventure Builder is a complete Text Adventure authoring system for DOS (v2.0 or later) and Windows (3.1, 95, 98, and NT). You can download it from this page. Note that it is freeware for personal and evaluation use. If you would like to automatically receive the latest news about Adventure Builder, send mail by clicking here and pressing SEND.


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Known Bugs

There are five components to Adventure Builder Version 2. Each is in a separate self-extracting archive, so you can choose which components you want.

ABAPP (1151 Kb) - Adventure Builder V2 application for DOS (2.0 or later) and Windows (3.1 or later).

DOC (164 Kb) - Adventure Builder V2 manuals (text files).

RTS (28 Kb) - Adventure Builder Run-Time-System source code.

QUEST (115 Kb) - Quest demo game.

SOURCE (68 Kb) - Source to the Quest demo game.

SPD (2 Kb) - Software Product Description

README.TXT (2 Kb) - General information.

To install, simply copy the self-extracting archive into the directory where you want to install the component. Then run the program. When it finishes, delete the archive (for example, DOC.EXE).

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