Adventure Builder

Known Bugs

The following are known bugs and workarounds for Adventure Builder V2.0.


ABDC Make command

The ABDC Make command has a bug which prevents it from operating. Possible symptoms include program abort or program hang. To get around this problem, do the following at the DOS prompt:




Where "x" is the filename for your new game. Note that the documentation describes the creation of an .EXE file as well; however, there is no easy way to create this file. Fortunately it is not necessary: you can run your game by typing PLAY x.

This bug has been corrected in the next version of the software.


Game Mentor

Game Mentor has a bug in the creation of new games. This is the same bug as described above in the ABDC Make Command. The work-around is the same. Once you have copied the files, you can use Game Mentor to "change an existing game".  You will get an error about "file not found" which you can ignore.  You may also get an error about a missing *.PRJ file, but you can ignore that too.  At that point, you should be set to go.


Disabled (gray) buttons

When you try clicking a faded in button, a white box comes up saying an error occured. This problem will be corrected in the next release of Adventure Builder.  The workaround for the current version is to not press the disabled buttons.


Compiling files created with Notepad or Word

Its possible to run into the line-length limit.  All AB source files must have lines no longer than 255 bytes.



The Rover functionality is not working. It has been corrected in the next release. In the meantime, you can use timers to move rovers.


Missing source

The QDEBUG.ABS file was left out of the SOURCE download. You can click here to get it.