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Conroy Genealogy books

The following is a list of known books about Conroys or containing Conroys. If you have references to add to this list please email them.

The Burley family in America by Buck Burley, 1973.
[information on Conroy, Crayton, Houston and Strayer families]

Charles Dorsey and his descendants, 1924.
[information on Anderson, Conroy, Larue, and Dorsey families]

The Conroy Chronicles by Raymond Conroy, 1990.
[sketches of Conroy families and descendants of John Marcus Conroy]

The Genealogical descent of the clan and family of MacDonalds of Clanranald, compiled by Robert & Charlotte MacDonald Finley, 1975.
[surnames include Clarke, Campbell, and Conroy]

Godfrey tree - Henry Godfrey Branch by Kerr Godfrey, 1991.
[includes Conroy, Murdoch, Williston, Fowlie, Doidge]