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The HAL Heap

The HAL Heap manager is an object instance that can be used to allocate/deallocate memory for Init and other non-UOS programs.  The UOS executive has its own memory management component that it uses for the Executive heap.  It is very basic and doesn't support anything more than allocating/deallocating areas of physical memory.

type THAL_Heap = object


                        function Getmem( Size : Integer ) : Pointer ;

                        function Free( P : Pointer ) : Integer ;

                        function Realloc( P : Pointer ; Size : Integer ) : Pointer ;

                end ;

This is an abstract class.  All methods use the stdcall calling convention.  Note that the class doesn't support allocations of more than 2 Gb.




Allocate Size bytes of memory and return a pointer to the first byte,  Returns null if there wasn't enough contiguous memory available.


Frees the memory allocated at address P.


Reallocates the memory allocated at address P, to be Size bytes long.  The function attempts to reallocate in place, but if it cannot, it allocates a new buffer and copies the data.  The function returns the address of the resized buffer (whether or not it changed).