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REBUILD - Rebuild a File System

The REBUILD sub command rebuilds a file system that was not dismounted correctly.  Such a file system cannot be written to until it is rebuilt.

REBUILD Dialogue


Response - Type DISK REBUILD at the main Init prompt.

Disk rebuild (DISKA0) >

Explanation - REBUILD asks which disk contains the file system to rebuild.  The default is shown in parentheses.

Response - Press Enter to select the default or type the name of the disk to rebuild.  If you type a ? or HELP in response to the prompt, you will be shown the help text at this level.

Structure rebuilt

Explanation - REBUILD informs you that the file system was successfully rebuilt.

Error Messages

Disk is read-only

This indicates that the disk is read-only.  To rebuild a disk, Init must be able to write to it.

File system structure corruption found - run recovery process

The rebuild finished but there were some instances of data corruption that Init cannot fix.  After UOS starts, run the recovery program to fix the data.

Not a valid file system

The disk you specified does not have a UOS file system and therefore cannot be rebuilt.