Error Messages

Init Options ›› DISK ›› PARTITION ›› ADD ››
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Error Messages

No space for new partitions

There is no free space on the disk to assign to a partition, or all partitions are already valid.

Not a valid value

The specified partition count is less than 1 or larger than the maximum partitions supported.

Not a valid choice

Something other than GUID or MBR was entered for the partition scheme.

No more partitions can be added to the device

All possible partitions are in use, so a new partition cannot be added to the disk.

Name too long.  Must be 36 characters or less

The partition name is too long.

Invalid size

The size must be 2 or more.  Any smaller value is invalid.

Size too small

The size specified was less than the sector size.  The size must be at least one sector in length.

Size too large

The size specified was larger than the disk space that is not already allocated to partitions.

Not enough free space on device

The size of the partition and the partition support structures exceed the available space on the disk.