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DIRECTORY - List files on a disk

The DIRECTORY sub command shows a list of files in a file system on a disk.



Response - Type DISK DIRECTORY at the main Init prompt.

Disk dir (DISKA0) >

Explanation - DIRECTORY asks for the disk for which you want a directory of files.  The default is shown in parentheses.

Response - Press the Enter key to select the default disk or enter the name of the disk that you want a file list for.  If you type a ? or HELP in response to the prompt, you will be shown the help text at this level.  You can press the Esc key to return to the previous prompt or Ctrl-C to exit to the main Init prompt.

Disk dir DISKA0 (\) >

Explanation - DIRECTORY asks for the folder that you want a directory listing for.  The default is shown in the parentheses.

Response - Press the Enter key to select the default folder or type the folder name you want.

Name                    Attributes             Size     Creation

AT.sys                  S, Pe                 2/512     08-Mar-2016 22:40

Index.sys               S, Pe                20/512     08-Mar-2016 22:40

Strings.sys             S, Pe                96/512     08-Mar-2016 22:40

BadBlocks.sys           Pl, S, Pe             0/0       08-Mar-2016 22:40

Explanation - DIRECTORY lists the files in the requested folder.  The first column contains the file names.  The Attributes column lists file attributes.  The Size column lists the size of the file.  The first number is the logical file size and the second number is the amount of disk space reserved for the file.  The Creation column lists the date and time the file was created.  The possible attributes are:




Contiguous file.  File is contiguous on the disk.


Directory.  File is a folder.


Hidden file.  File is hidden by default.


Permanent.  File cannot be deleted.


Placed.  File has been positioned at a specific location on the disk.


Read-only.  File cannot be written to.


System file.  Special files reserved by the file system of UOS.

Disk dir DISKA0 (\) >

Explanation - Init prompts you for another folder to list.

Error Messages

Invalid device

The disk name you specified is not a valid disk.

Not a valid file system

The disk you specified does not have a file system initialized on it.