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RAID CREATE - Create a New Mirror Set

The RAID CREATE sub command is used to create a new mirror set.



Response - Type CREATE at the Disk RAID prompt.

Name for new mirror set <> :

Explanation - CREATE prompts you for the name of the new mirror set.  The default is to not name the set.  Names for mirror sets are optional.

Response - Press Enter to not give the mirror set a name, or enter the name you want for the mirror set.

Enter disks to add to mirror set.

After last disk, enter a blank specification to continue.

Disk to add <> :

Explanation - CREATE prompts you for the name of a disk to add as a member of the new mirror set.  Pressing Enter will finish the process of specifying members.

Response - Enter a disk to add as a set member.  CREATE will prompt you for another disk.  After all the disks have been specified, press Enter to create the set.  Up to 64 disks can be added to each mirror set.

Any existing data on the device will be lost.  Continue? <NO>:

Explanation - CREATE gives you a chance to abort the creation by typing NO.  The default is shown in angle brackets.

Response - Press Enter to select the default, or type YES to create the mirror set..

Error Messages

Disk already in list

This indicates that the same disk was already specified to be added to the mirror set.

Device characteristics do not match

This indicates that the disk has a different capacity or sector size from the previously specified disks.

Device is already part of a RAID set

The device is part of another mirror set and cannot be added to this set.

Invalid device

The specified device is not valid or not a store.

Too many devices for mirror set

More than 64 devices were specified.