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CREATE - Create a RAM Disk

The CREATE sub command creates a new RAM Disk.  A RAM Disk is a segment of memory that is reserved to hold data like a physical disk.  When complete, a new disk name is created that starts with "DISKY".

CREATE Dialogue


Response - Type DISK CREATE at the main prompt.

RAM disk size <1 Mb>

Explanation - CREATE asks for the size of the new RAM disk.  It shows the default in brackets.

Response - Type the amount of RAM to set aside for the RAM disk.  The value may be anything between 4096 and the maximum size of memory (minus that needed by UOS).

RAM disk cluster size <256>

Explanation - CREATE asks for the cluster size for the RAM disk.  This is the minimum allocatable amount amount for the disk.


Explanation - Init returns to the main prompt.

Error Messages

Invalid size

The entered size, or cluster size, is not numeric, or is an invalid numeric value (such as a negative number).

Minimum permitted clustersize is 32

The cluster size cannot be less than 32 bytes for a RAM disk.

Minimum permitted RAM disk size is 4,096

The RAM disk cannot have a capacity of less than 4K (4,096 bytes).

Not enough RAM

There is not enough contiguous memory available to create the RAM disk.  This could indicate that you need to make the RAM disk smaller, or remove other RAM disks, or add more RAM to your computer.

Warning: clustersize is too small for a UOS file system

Although you can make a RAM disk with a cluster size of less than 256, if you do then you will be unable to initialize a UOS file system on the RAM disk.  Do not specify a size that is less than 256 bytes if you want a UOS file system on the disk.  If you plan to use the disk for some other purpose that supports a smaller cluster size, then you can proceed.