TEU is a general-purpose text editor for DOS. Files must fit within memory, but since TEU uses DPMI, you have all physical memory available (under Windows, you have virtual memory too). I have tested it with files up to 3 million lines, however it does take a long time to load really big files. TEU is loosely based on DEC's TPU (Text Processing Utility) and EDT editors. TEU is available for free and may be freely distributed. To get to the help for TEU when you run the utility, you can press the F2 key during editing, or enter "/HELP" at the "TEU>" prompt, or press F1 and keypad 7 and answer "HELP" to the "Command:" prompt.

This software is provided as-is, with no warranty of fitness for any purpose including MERCHANTABILITY.


Download TEU (230Kb self-extracting archive)

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