Public Domain Source Code

I've been programming since 1974 and have accumulated a large amount of source code. This includes about 60,000 lines of various subroutines that I still use. I have decided to release most of it to the public domain as a service to the programming community. You may use it for any purpose whatsoever without restriction, for free, and without giving credit to me. I will be gradually moving the files to this site as I have time.

I have several public domain programs that I have worked on, or am working on, which are found elsewhere. The sources for those are not included here, although they almost all make use of some of the subroutine library that is included.

Note that I take no responsibilty for your use of this code - you assume all the risk associated with using it. I make no warranties of any kind. If you find bugs I would like to hear about them so that I can correct them. However, I make no promises to do so in a timely fashion (or at all). If you would like to contribute useful changes to these sources or documentation, I will be happy to incorporate them and give you credit for said changes.

Here are the Programming Standards that I use.

The Subroutine Library

Obsolete Code

Other Code