Quasar Overview

Quasar is a public domain Science-Fiction Role Playing Game. It has been under development since 1989.

If you are looking for the SORD Role Playing Game QUASAR supplement, you are at the wrong place. Click the next link to get where you were trying to go: www.fractal.mandarin.org.


1) A role-playing game that does not include some of the weirder and more occult-like feel of many of the popular RPGs. i.e. Something that people would feel comfortable with their children playing. Thus, you will not find magic, psionics, demons, sex, or excessive gore or excessive personal violence in the rules or in anything you download from this site.

2) A game that is free for everyone. The rule books are available to download free of charge. You may copy them as much as you desire so long as they are not modified. You may base any game products, whether for profit or not, on the Quasar game without any royalties, licenses, or other payments.


Submissions for Quasar scenarios, campaign environments, and the like are welcome. If you wish to submit something for inclusion on this site, send a copy as either an ASCII or RTF file to this email link. Before you send anything, please read the submission guidelines.