1 small head of red cabbage, chopped

1 cup milk

Dash pepper

1 Tbl salt

8 cups mashed potatoes

This traditional Irish dish, also known as Irish Mashed Potatoes, usually uses kale or green cabbage. However, I enjoy the more mellow flavor of red cabbage. Note that this will turn the potatoes to a lovely shade of lavender - make sure your guests are warned ahead of time.

Boil the chopped cabbage until the thick pieces are translucent. Use only as much water as nececssary so you can use the water in the potatoes too. Mix in the rest of the ingredients. Use more potatoes, or less milk, for thicker colcannon. Use less potatoes, or more milk, for thinner colcannon.

Alternatives: Add cooked ground meat for a cross between colcannon and shephard's pie. When I do this, I prefer to use turkey, but chicken or beef work too.