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All individuals listed in this family history are given a unique numeric identifier for purposes of distinguishing between people with the same, or similar, names. Clicking on a number will take you to any detailed information on that individual. Clicking on the name will take you to a page which logically connects to the current one via the individual. For example, on the "Descendants of Edward Harrison Conroy", clicking on Edward Harrison Conroy will take you to the page where he is listed as a child of Henry Conroy. Clicking on his name on that page will take you back to the page listing his immediate descendants. For purposes of quickly finding individuals you are interested in, you can start with the surname index, which connects you to the oldest individual in a family lineage. You can also start in the Registry, which is an alphabetical listing of all individuals in the site.

Many thanks are due to the following individuals for large numbers of persons included in this site. Unless otherwise noted, information has been gleaned from census records, family records, and living individuals by Alan Conroy (4). Persons indexed from 121 through 280 from Colleen Conroy (3). Persons indexed from 899 through 1124 and 1244 through 1756 from Lillian Seebohm (maiden name Gatchell) (865).

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