Over the years I've written many MSDOS utilities, mostly for personal use, but I also sold a collection of them in the late 1980's as a commercial package. These are all released to the public domain. The author provides no warranty of any kind - use at your own risk. The following file is a self-extracting archive. Simply copy it to a directory on your hard drive and run it. For optimum use, you should include this directory in your PATH, in the autoexec.bat file.


Download DOS Utilities (3 Mb)

Note that I do not actively support these utilites, but I do still make use of some of them. If you find bugs or have suggested enhancements, please feel to mail them to me - but don't expect quick turnaround.

Support your local programmer: The various public domain projects I have worked on were done either for the fun of it or to meet a personal need. I did not do any of them with an eye toward making money. However, if you would like to support the work I do, gifts are gratefully accepted. You can send a gift by credit card or mail a check to: Alan Conroy, c/o Conroy & Conroy Co., 14016 35th Avenue South, Tukwila, WA 98168-4010.