Alan Conroy

14016 35th Ave. S., Tukwila, WA 98168, [email protected]


I want to work with highly intelligent and creative people where we can bounce ideas off of each other and come up with innovative solutions. A job that is inherently interesting to me will make use of my creativity and problem-solving skills while allowing me to expand those skills in new directions. As a software engineer, I enjoy designing new architectures or redesigning existing ones that don't live up to the needs of the company. I enjoy implementing these architectures in code.



BS, Seattle Pacific University, 1982. Major: Computer Science with Business emphasis (business administration minor).


1-2012 to present Biblesoft, Des Moines, WA. Lead Programmer/Analyst.

Responsible for database design and maintenance, Ubuntu server-side PHP code, including an administration panel, running on servers in the AWS environment, and markup-to-SQL converter in Lazarus running on Windows. Testing code written in PHP and Javascript. Wrote extensive technical documentation.

2-2000 to 1-2012 Biblesoft, Des Moines, WA. Lead Programmer/Analyst.

Technical lead for a small team of programmers doing maintenance and enhancements of company's product, consisting of over 800,000 lines of code in C++ and Delphi, running on Windows. Wrote technical documentation, led architecture of enhancements, and set development direction in response to product needs.

9-1998 to 2-2000 Leap Computer Solutions, Tacoma, WA. Associate Consultant.

Implemented solutions in IDML, C++, and Delphi for customers.

3-1995 to 8-1998 Biblesoft, Des Moines, WA. Senior Programmer/Analyst.

Responsible for maintenance and enhancements of company's sole product, and generalization of existing code. Primarily responsible for design and implementation of user-customizable front-end for new program. Some maintenance of C++ as well.

3-1989 to 3-1995 Timeline Inc., Bellevue, WA. Programmer/Analyst.

Responsible for developing new software packages, writing documentation, and maintenance programming using C, DEC BASIC, VAX assembler, TPU, and DCL. Projects included developing Utility Billing software from specifications, Electronic Conferencing software from scratch, maintaining the subroutine library for all products, and upgrading several products through various versions, including creating a 140K line Job Costing system. I created and maintained several hundred pages of technical documentation as well as user's guides. My last project was converting all of the financial packages to run on both the VAX and AXP hardware platforms.

3-1988 to 3-1989 Timeline Inc., Bellevue, WA. System Manager.

Responsible for system operations, management, and systems programming on VAX and PDP-11 systems using BASIC and DCL. Major accomplishments included documenting all aspects of communications wiring, telephony, and networking, installing new network capacity, upgrading old equipment, designing and overseeing the implementation of hardware and software migration paths, implementing security measures to protect data integrity, and doing cost analysis and ROI research for recommendations to management. I organized and oversaw the hardware and software maintenance and ensured that vendors met their obligations to the company. I created the first on-line disk defragmentor for the RSTS/E operating system.

6-1986 to 7-1987 AMR Information Services, VFS division, Seattle. Operations Manager.

Managed operations staff, implemented a tape management system for UNIX, and did systems programming for UNIX and PDP-11 systems.

9-1985 to 5-1986 Seafirst Computer Services Inc., Seattle, WA. Systems Support Analyst.

Hardware troubleshooting, system tuning, training, and systems programming.

9-1982 to 9-1985 Seattle Pacific University, Computer Center, System Manager.

Managed operations and student staff of two to six people, and did system programming in assembler, BASIC, C, and Pascal. I created a system monitoring and tuning package that I used to tune system performance.

Other experience

Besides building several web sites, I have created and maintain numerous open source projects including: