Computer Technology in 2010

In 1995, I made some predictions about the state of computers in the year 2000.  In 1996, I refined the predictions into a set of ranges.  I don't recall now if the predictions were for the start, middle, or end of 2000.  Nevertheless, let's assume early 2000 and see how well I did:

  Prediction Reality
Hard disk 40 to 400 Gb for $600 45 Gb for $600
Standard RAM* 64-640 Mb 32 Mb

*Note that the second prediction wasn't specific enough.  I seem to recall intending that this would be the low-end RAM on newly purchased systems.  Given that, I was off, although if we were to go by end-of-year-2000, I'd probably be right.

Of note is the technology not available in 1995 which is now common and which I did not predict: CDROM-RW and DVD.

Now, I will make some predictions for January 2010.  You have this article to hold over my head in 10 years!  

Disk space: 2.5 to 5 Tb for $300 (Tb = Terabytes or 1,000 Gb)

Minimum RAM on new system: 4 to 16 Gb

Monitors: .12 to .02 dot-pitch on display devices for $300

Low-end CPU data size (new system): 128-bit

CPU speed: 64 to 128 times the equivalent of a 750 Mhz Pentium III.  Note that this is overall CPU speed and may reflect a single processor or multiple processors.

Meet me back here in ten years and see how close I came!