On Snoglos

by Twillet

Hiya's! I'm Twillet, here to tell you about us, the snoglos! Snoglos come in many different colors. Our main colors are yellow, red, blue and green. The main features of a snoglo are their staves and their tails. All snoglos have tails, which match the color of the them. These tails are important as they provide balance and distinction to a snoglo. Though we are not vain creature we enjoy decorating our tails with jewelry, especially the female ones.

Almost all snoglos carry staves. The staves allow them to focus their magical power for good (me), or bad (that meanies Zeeble). Some (such as Twiglet) seem to have no innate magical powers but instead control the element bacon, from which they cast food magic.

We live in villages in secluded forests or plains. We are not particularly good at self defense, so we have to hide from the meanie armies that sometimes come to try to attack (and punt) us. We sometimes use our staves to attack, but we never use our tails. Would you use something had beautiful as a tail to attack? No you wouldn't.

We have light bodies and we are small, making us easy to punt. Some sadistic creatures (including humans) made a game called Snogball! (shudder) It involves punting us around a field and other more horrific, unmentionable details. Recently the pixies and elves have banded together with snoglos to form the League of Anti-Snoglo Abuse. (LASA) Many humans have found themselves punted for various crimes against poor, defenseless snoglos.

Some snoglos create healing devices to aid friendly adventurers. These can be potions or first aid kits. Some snoglos sell staves or make weaponry for adventurers who give them gold. Snoglo's live in cold and temperate areas and the items they create reflect where they live.

There are many snoglo holidays such as Snogloween (where snoglos turn into opposites of themselves and adventurers hunt for candy) and Snowval (where adventures from all over come to find and buy presents!) Thats all for now. Goodbyes!