The Bardzard

by Ferron Treasureseeker

Once, as I was traveling through strange lands I came upon a mysterious creature. It called itself a bardzard and told me about itself, boasting and preening to the highest degree.

I am a bardzard, obviously the highest point of the evolutionary scale. (yes, it believes in evolution. How strange) I, like the others of my fine race, enjoy singing in high beuti-”

At this point it was interrupted by cries coming from its belly. “Cake and soda! Help us!”

The bardzard looked down and said “Quiet you snoglos! You're ruining this interview. Now as I was saying we enjoy singing. But do not think of us a nansy pansys because of this. We have deadly horns and hard scales. We have no wings and cannot breathe fire or other attacks, but it is obvious that we are relatives of the fine, but less evolved dragon race. As you can see, our two bidepal legs are built for running long distances. They are very strong. We are all different colors, but the main types are green, brown and black. The rarest are white and pink.”

And what do you eat?” I inquired.

Mostly anything. In fact... Your LOOKING TASTY!”

It lunged at me. I triped it and without looking back I ran as far as I could until I was sure it could not find me again.

Thats all for now,

Ferrin Treasureseeker