AA Team Information

The Team:

Zeeble: In charge of creating events

Kian: In charge of punting snoglos and creating characters

Tarix: Directs the project, creates special events

Twiglet: In charge of testing

Elbeez: works on the soon-to-come (hopefully) e-zine

Guardian Lefleg: Making items

What to contact us about:



-trouble with game

-reports of non-functioning characters

What NOT to send us


-Hate mail

-Advertisement (Yes, I know, its spam but of a different sort)

If you send us any of the “What NOT to sends” then you will suddenly find yourself cut off from us... Rumor is Zeeble first cuts off your links to us and then tracks you down and...

Hey! Don't tell them that! I want to reserve the terror as they wonder what horrors I have in wait for them

Fine Zeeble. I, Tarix, promise not to reveal your torture methods

Good, you goody-goody paladin. Or should I say bad? Hehehehe!” Note: At this point Zeeble vanished in a cloud of acidic smoke

*Cough, cough*. Bye- *cough* Zeeble *cough cough*, I'll get him for that... *cough cough*