Talk to Zeeble

An advice and FAQ column answered by your favorite snoglo: Zeeble!

Hello pitiful humans. After Tarix spent 5 hours pleading and begging me on his hands and knees, I finally agreed to start this column to answer your pitiful, everyday, mundane questions. I will only answer a few questions so they better be good. If you use vulgar or inappropriate words or signs in your name, you will not be answered, guaranteed! The same goes for inappropriate content in questions. Now here are the questions that I denigned to answer.

DigitalDude: Are you at all related to Twilit?

That soda and cake loving fool? Definitely not. I would rather be eaten by my own undead then be related to him!

Nachoman123: Are you related to Elbeez? His name is yours backwards.

Wow! You actually figured that out! Yes I am related to him, to my eternal displeasure. Now leave, before you displease me.

Firehawk: Will you give me the password to the house in Adventures in Wacky land?

Certainly. Just send $5 to [email protected].-


What do you mean I'm not allowed to swindle suckers? Fine, be that way!

Now as I have no more brilliant wisdom to bestow upon you, I will now sign off. However, before I go, I will now order my undead to destroy you. Goodbye.

*Screams are heard off screen*